WISP billing and network management

Splynx is an ISP billing software framework created for Internet service providers and network administrators. Splynx provides many useful functions such as billing, invoicing, central configuration and monitoring of equipment, hotspot billing, client portals, and much more.

Product Features

Billing and invoicing: Splynx offer a powerful invoicing and billing engine tailored to specific telecoms’ needs that automates financial customer relationships. It manages transactions, invoices, payments, and proforma invoices with the different type of billing – recurring payments and prepaid.

Bandwidth management: Within Splynx, ISPs can manage and shape traffic data from the network. Main features include FUP management, CAP configuration, contentions, aggregations, queues for speed limitation, network monitoring, and network weather maps.

Radius server: Splynx’s radius server is used to perform administrative and customer’s AAA tasks. It is an easy-to-use administration and billing solution for MikroTik, Cisco, Ubiquiti, and other platforms. The radius server runs on Linux with advanced features for companies of all sizes.

Inventory management: There might be thousands of items in the stock list of a modern telecom company, and it is difficult to keep this list actual without using special management software. The inventory module in Splynx allows providers to seamlessly handle this task. It’s optimised for use with bar-code scanners, which means you can spend less time managing your inventory and more time managing your business.

Customer portal: Customer portal lets ISPs collaborate and work better with clients. Your users can get support and notifications, change plans, check usage or pay online using their credit card or a payment gateway account.

Splynx is fully integrated with different network equipment vendors, payment gateways, and accounting systems.

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