About Edge-corE

Edge-Core Networks is a professional networking solutions provider offering a complete range of enterprise, carrier, and service-provider Ethernet and fibre networking equipment to the global market.

Enterprise Switches:

Edge-Core Networks provides a full range of managed switches to fulfil different requirements: from small to medium business users; enterprise to a carrier-level service provider; from simple web smart switches to Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches. 

Open Networking:

For years, data centre operators have enjoyed the benefits of open networking. Hardware switches in those data centres are based on open designs, with open source or independent commercial software deployed to provide Network Operating System, SDN orchestration and NFV functions. 

Industrial Switches:

Edge-Core Networks' robust, durable industrial switches are the latest addition to their line of high-performance Gigabit switches. These units are specifically built for harsh and demanding environments where high bandwidth and longevity are non-negotiable. 

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