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Cambium cnPilot E600 ac Wave 2 4x4 Indoor Ceiling Wi-Fi AP

Cambium cnPilot E600 ac Wave 2 4x4 Indoor Ceiling Wi-Fi AP

Stay on top of the latest standards with the high-powered, Gigabit speed, beamforming, Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) 802.11ac wave 2 E600 access point. From the classroom to the mall, the cnPilot E600 indoor access point is perfect for applications that demand high capacity, range, and/or support high user density.


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R8,760.70 (Incl. VAT)
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Key Features
Dual band 802.11ac Wave 2. 4 x 4 Beamforming. PoE injector excluded

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Buy all your Cambium Networks solutions from MiRO, the award-winning Cambium distributor in South Africa

Who is Cambium Networks and what are their products used for?

With a product portfolio of well priced, high performance solutions for fixed wireless broadband, enterprise Wi-Fi and network switching, combined with the power of a single end-to-end cloud management platform that provides visibility of your entire Cambium network, Cambium Networks enables users to optimise the performance of their entire network with minimal spectrum requirements.

With a global support system and a wealth of product knowledge that is easily accessible, Cambium Networks users are not only able to build world-class networks with the best-suited equipment but also gain access to thousands of Cambium users and expert on their online Cambium community. If that isn't enough, MiRO's technical teams throughout Southern Africa will be able to assist you in ironing our any issues with your Cambium network and will get your network running optimally in no time. 

History of Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks was founded in 2014 however its early beginnings can be linked back to 1999 when Motorola owned point-to-multipoint specialists, Canopy, and point-to-point specialists, Orthogon Systems, merged.  In 2014 Cambium Networks was officially born and the flagship PTP, PMP and ePMP platforms that we know today we’re launched.

Despite being a relatively new company Cambium Networks have taken massive leaps and strikes with regards to technology innovation. To support this, Cambium Networks push roughly 20% of their revenue back in R&D on an annual basis. To date, Cambium is not only leaders in the outdoor wireless space but are also one of the world’s top enterprise Wi-Fi and networking equipment providers.

In 2018 Cambium Networks was listed on the Nasdaq Stock market and acquired Wi-Fi technology company Xirrus. Looking to the future Cambium Networks aim to continue empowering a growing ecosystem of partners who design and implement gigabit wireless networks that just work.


Pros of Using Cambium Networks in South Africa

When using Cambium Networks’ solutions, service providers can deliver wireless gigabit connectivity where it is needed most at a fraction of the cost of fibre. Furthermore, in relation to competing wireless solutions, Cambium Networks can offer unparalleled spectral efficiency to provide high-capacity connectivity that is stable and reliable. Cambium Networks users can utilise a variety of different solutions within the Cambium Networks portfolio to create a tailored solution that is the perfect fit for their application.

Software-defined radios (SDR) allow users to upgrade the capabilities of their devices as their network grows. Cambium Networks revolutionary cloud-based management platform, cnMaestro, provides end-to-end network visibility allowing for simple management and fast troubleshooting to reduce operating expenses and the number of support resources.

MiRO’s partnership with Cambium Networks

MiRO has been a proud distributor for Cambium Network since 2015. Connecting communities through technology has been a common goal of MiRO and Cambium Networks from their conception making MiRO the perfect partner. MiRO aims to not only distribute Cambium Networks’ product portfolio in South Africa and the whole SADC region but also support it with their in-house Cambium certified sales technical teams. The MiRO team like to get involved in solutions planning wherever possible and even have an onsite technical support team. MiRO offers Cambium Networks online courses and onsite certification courses.

In 2019 MiRO were the proud recipients of Cambium Networks most prestigious award, the Cambium Networks EMEA Distributor of the Year 2019. MiRO was also awarded the Absolute Year-on-year Growth award in Africa for 2019. This is a direct testament to the great work that our valued business partners have done on the front line with the aggressive drive to connect the people, things and places in Africa.

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