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Tenda AC6 Dual Band Wi-Fi 5 Router | AC6

Tenda AC6 Dual Band Wi-Fi 5 Router | AC6

The AC6 is a dual-band wireless router for smart home networking. It boasts a concurrent dual-band wireless data transfer rate of up to 1167 Mbps. With 4 5dBi high gain antennas it allows for uninterrupted gaming and 4K video streaming. 

3 Year

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Key Features
802.11ac, 4 x 5dbi antennas, 3 x 10/100 LAN, 1 x 10/100 WAN, managed via Tenda app

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    Who is Tenda and what are their products used for? Miro is a leading supplier of Tenda in South Africa.

    Tenda Technology is a leading networking supplier of affordable, feature-rich home and small office solutions.  They offer a range of connectivity appliances such as home routers, network switches, range extenders and smart plugs. Tenda enables users to substantially upgrade their Wi-Fi experience by providing state of the art technology at a fraction of market prices. Tenda also sells a range of high-performing LTE/3G dongles and desktop routers, allowing users the freedom to take high-quality bandwidth on the move. Tenda’s affordable price list, coupled with their innovative product designs, makes them the purchase of choice for any ISP or home user. Tenda in South Africa is available to buy and review from MiRO, along with other products from brands such as Uniview and Ubiquiti

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    History of Tenda 

    Founded in 1999, Tenda has forged ahead to become one of the world leaders in networking devices and equipment.  Their commitment to delivering easy-to-install and affordable networking solutions have supported thousands of homes around the world in upgrading their work and home connectivity. Tenda’s latest products support home and business networking, mobile broadband and smart appliances.

    Tenda began cooperating with one of the largest providers of high-quality chipsets in the world, Broadcom in 2012 and have since never looked back on what is seen as a very strategic partnership. Having such a strong relationship with their supplier enables Tenda to release the latest products that are up to standard with their quality measurements.

    Pros of using Tenda in South Africa

    Innovation is at the soul of Tenda Technology.  They have two research and development centres with more than 1000 employees in 2020 and continuously onboards newly minted graduates from key universities to keep ideas fresh and rolling. Excellent performance, stable signal, plug and play installations and top-quality local support from MiRO enabling the best possible prices, are just some of the reasons why an ISP or end-user would invest in Tenda.

    Their product range is complementary. Even though Tenda is by far the market leader in home and business routers,  they have become a household name in the security industry as their range of networking switches offer security integrators the flexibility to choose from 10/100Mbps – 1Gbps, POE and non-PoE, 5 ports to 48 ports, managed and unmanaged. If there is a solution that requires the powering of IP cameras, Wi-Fi access points or even VoIP phones then look no further then Tenda!

    After continuous growth in the business and home market, Tenda has begun releasing innovative accessories to complement their vast range of networking devices. These accessories enhance Wi-Fi connectivity and were designed to co-exist with Tenda’s SoHo solutions. Mobility is key in maintaining a flexible work schedule and Tenda’s range of USB adapters and LTE devices complete the networking circle and offer users a full end-to-end product.

    Tenda’s mobile application brings the power of Wi-Fi into the palm of your hands. The Tenda app helps you customise and manage your network, as well as set user credentials and access and of course the very helpful parental control features that enable parents to get the upper hand on their Internet-savvy kids! Specific access times can be granted to devices during certain times of the day. Meaning, you don’t need to turn off the home Wi-Fi to make sure your kid is nose deep in their textbooks, by restricting access on their devices (tablets, PC or smartphones) they will not be able to access the Internet during their study times.

    MiRO’s partnership with Tenda

    MiRO has grown to be a leading distributor of Tenda, with a commitment to keep ample stock for quick access to Tenda products for any ISP, installer, reseller or consumer in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland, and the rest of the SADC region. With MiRO’s technical pre and after-sales support teams, Tenda customers are in great hands when purchasing from MiRO. MiRO plays a vital role in communicating local product features requests back to Tenda head office, often getting new features added to their product range to satisfy the needs of MiRO customers in Southern Africa.  Apart from the MiRO sales and Marketing team being proactive ambassadors for Tenda on the front line,  MIROs new e-Commerce website has allowed business and individual users to buy Tenda from MiRO at the click of a button, with delivery anywhere in Africa. All Tenda purchased come with free telephonic technical support from MiRO as well as a full Tenda warranty.

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