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Ubiquiti airMAX - PowerBeam 5AC, 500mm

Ubiquiti airMAX - PowerBeam 5AC, 500mm

The PowerBeam ac directs RF energy in a tighter beamwidth. With the focus in one direction, the PowerBeam ac blocks or spatially filters out noise, so noise immunity is improved. This feature is especially important in an area crowded with other RF signals of the same or similar frequency.


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Key Features
5GHz AC, 27dBi, TDMA Station, incl PoE - Incl Radome

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As an elite distributor, we at MiRO pride ourselves on being the best Ubiquiti Networks distributor in South Africa

Who is Ubiquiti and what are their products used for?

Ubiquiti Networks is a pioneer in the wireless ISP and enterprise Wi-Fi and networking industry and are known around the world for their great performing, beautifully crafted, affordable wireless networking solutions. Their solutions are manufactured for wireless ISP’s, technology integrators and enterprises of all sizes. They sell and manufacture an array of wireless solutions such as, point-to-point and point-to-multi-point broadband wireless solutions and boast a wide selection of wired products that cater for an entire spectrum of applications ranging from home users through to large enterprise environments.  Their portfolio does not only include the latest hardware but also includes powerful firmware for flexible and scalable solutions. 

History of Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti started as an American company in 2003 and has grown into a globally recognised brand. Ubiquiti serves customers through a network of approximately 100 distributors and online retailers worldwide. The company’s product portfolio originally began with the utilisation of existing commercial Wi-Fi chipset technology to wirelessly deliver Internet to underserved areas. Since then Ubiquiti has successfully broadened their product portfolio to include product lines such as Wi-Fi access points, security cameras and traditional networking equipment.

Advantages of using Ubiquiti in South Africa

The Ubiquiti product portfolio consists of a variety of categories such as airFibre, airMAX, EdgeMAX and UniFi. Each category with its unique benefits.

airFiber is Ubiquiti Networks’ own proprietary custom silicon and implements the most efficient use of licensed and unlicensed-band spectrum – a vital attribute in increasingly crowded RF environments.  Featuring a unique dual-antenna design and proprietary self-interference cancellation algorithms, airFiber solutions extract more usable channels out of the available spectrum than any other radio system. airFiber’s built-in configuration tool guides the selection of RF channel bandwidths, transmit power, and other parameters to minimise potential interference and optimise link budgets.  

Ubiquiti airMAX thrives in a point-to-multipoint network, with three or more locations. A typical airMAX network will consist of one outdoor Base Station (or Access Point) and multiple CPE devices connected to the Access Point.  The performance depends on both sides of the link, so if the goal is long-distance, it is imperative to choose the right base station and the right CPE for each case.   Ubiquiti’s solutions offer improved latency, noise immunity, and scalability and support the high data rates and dense modulation delivered by airMAX AC technology.  This way of wireless communication deliver benefits such as high-speed connectivity over long distances, fast to deploy, and considering the harsh South African environment, is the best solution for last-mile deployments.  

Ubiquiti’s EdgeMAX is designed to deliver robust world-class indoor and outdoor wired networking solutions. Powered by the feature-rich EdgeOS firmware with a next-generation graphical user interface. Housed in a compact, fanless form factor the EdgeRouter range operates quietly as it delivers the powerful routing, security, and management features required to efficiently run your network.  Perfect for fibre deployments and management for fibre integrators and companies targeting housing developments.

UniFi is Ubiquiti’s all-in-one, enterprise Wi-Fi portfolio and is supported by a fully integrated software-defined network (SDN) platform for all UniFi Wi-Fi, surveillance and networking devices. The unique features of each UniFi device provide you with the freedom to deliver the ideal solution for your application, whether it be large-scale enterprise Wi-Fi deployments or home Wi-Fi deployments.

MiRO’s partnership with Ubiquiti

MiRO partnered with Ubiquiti in 2005 to meet the wireless needs of both the South African market as well as neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Lesotho, and Swaziland. Since then, MiRO has been listed as an Elite Ubiquiti Distributor. As an Elite distributor, MiRO offers a range of internationally certified Ubiquiti trainings aimed at supporting businesses to be the best at what they do. Moreover, MiRO also offers project planning, pre-sales support, highly skilled technical after-sales support and aim to ensure large stockholding levels. MiRO & Ubiquiti are taking the telecommunication industry to new heights and developing it across the country and are here to connect you! All Ubiquiti solutions can now be purchased online from MiRO.

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