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RADWIN 5000 Subscriber upgrade license from 10Mbps to 25Mbps

RADWIN 5000 Subscriber upgrade license from 10Mbps to 25Mbps


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    RADWIN, distributed by MiRO in Southern Africa, allows WISPs and ISPs to build fixed wireless broadband networks so stable, you’ll think it’s fibre.

    Who is RADWIN and what are their products used for?

    RADWIN is a disruptive and innovative wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint smart beamforming solution, excellent for operation in heavily congested unlicensed and licensed bands where spectrum resources are scarce. Across the board, RADWIN solutions ensure sustainable revenue growth for residential and enterprise internet service providers by delivering fibre-like connectivity with incomparable resiliency.  RADWIN is the gold standard provider of broadband wireless solutions that deliver blazing-fast broadband with unparalleled reliability. Incorporating cutting edge technologies, RADWIN’s solutions are equipped with powerful OSS tools that support all operational aspects of the network lifecycle and enable operations in the toughest conditions including interference and near line-of-sight.

    With technological innovations that are industry superior, RADWIN is regarded by Tier-1 carriers as the trusted partner for wireless broadband solutions and is deployed in more than 100 countries., RADWIN solutions include wireless backhaul, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as delivering broadband for trains and metros.

    History of RADWIN

    Radwin was founded in 1997 by Sharon Sher. With a background in the military, where he spent most of his time in an elite research and development department working on projects that involved telecommunications and wireless communications. The first products developed by RADWIN were point-to-point radios and later, by 2006 they launched their first point-to-multipoint products. As of 2008, RADWIN had deployments in over 100 countries. In 2009 RADWIN was chosen by the UK Ministry of Defense to provide a front-line digital communications backbone during the War in Afghanistan. The accolades continue into the 2010s, at the start of the decade, RADWIN was chosen for wireless HD transmissions at several NASA launch events.

    The Moscow metro is another great achievement in the RADWIN history books as the company was enlisted by the Russian government to provide in-tunnel train-to-wayside broadband wireless connectivity, delivering on board high-speed Internet for passengers and infrastructure for real-time CCTV transmissions. 

    Advantages of using RADWIN in South Africa

    1. Bi-directional Beamforming technology 

    Instead of communicating with subscribers in a given area by using a passive wide beam antenna, the RADWIN base station communicates with subscribers using a narrow and steerable active beam. The narrow antenna beam is electronically steered towards each subscriber without affecting latency. The narrow beam antenna eliminates mutual interference between adjacent sectors and neighbouring radios, resulting in a superior reception at the subscriber side and higher spectrum efficiency. Higher antenna gain enables greater downlink capacity for longer range.

    2. Operations Support Systems (OSS)

    RADWINs OSS software provides a set of operational applications that support the entire network lifecycle, addressing everything from radio planning, network development, unit installations, service commissioning and network maintenance. This results in a smoother, more simplified deployment yielding higher returns for the provider as they minimise costly truck-rolls and other wasteful expenditure. 

    3. Guaranteed performance and service levels 

    An Internet service provider understands how cut-throat end users can be, and to ensure lifetime partnerships with residential and enterprise customers, guaranteed SLAs on wireless infrastructure is a means in which to differentiate yourself from the sea of competitors. Included in RADWIN SLAs are 99.999% uptime which classifies the product range as carrier-grade. By using proprietary communication language, RADWIN is able to offer more secure and interference immune networks as the proprietary air interface does not allow any brand of radio to connect to your RADWIN link. GPS or inter-site Synchronization enables RADWIN to use Time division duplex synchronization of all collocated RADWIN radios with a site. This synchronization prevents mutual interference and increases network capacity and range. RADWINs Smart Bandwidth Management (SBM) assures user bandwidth per subscription agreement uniquely guarantee SLA.

    MiRO’s partnership with RADWIN 

    As leaders of the importation, distribution and support of wireless connectivity solutions, MiRO introduced RADWIN in South Africa as a carrier-grade broadband wireless solution. While at first the market was slow to respond due to the seemingly expensive kit, the money these providers were losing on costly install and maintenance schedules finally drove them towards RADWIN. Today RADWIN, in partnership with MiRO enjoys a healthy share of the ISP market and is consistently working on avenues to decrease cost and increase throughput.

    While RADWIN has enjoyed significant success in Southern Africa due to MiRO’s impressive logistically footprint, the real value MiRO offers as a certified distributor is pre-sale planning, after-sales support, and training. RADWINs sophisticated solutions require sufficient understanding of RF environments and once planning is completed efficiently by the MiRO team, support is always available for any installer who needs it. To avoid these short fallings, MiRO’s training department certifies multiple RADWIN engineers and installers and these agents of RADWIN have been the pioneering force behind the brands' success.

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