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RF elements TwistPort Adaptor for ePMP1000 and ePMP3000L

RF elements TwistPort Adaptor for ePMP1000 and ePMP3000L

Compatible with Cambium ePMP 1000 and ePMP3000L

1 Year
RF Elements

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Key Features
Compatible with Cambium ePMP 1000, ePMP3000L, PMP 450b, F300-CSM

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    Attention WISPs! Connect more happy customers to the same high site with antennas from MiRO and RF Elements in South Africa.

    Who is RF elements and what are their products used for?

    RF elements is an innovative manufacturer of wireless networking equipment aimed at delivering fast and sustainable wireless. Their unlicensed frequency antenna solutions are designed to solve the age-old problem of wireless network interference. Solving the issue of noise at its root is done through a combination of RF elements’ noise rejecting antennas and near-zero loss power delivery from radio to the antenna with their TwistPort adaptor technology, enabling massive system scalability. With RF elements’ proprietary technology, wireless internet service providers (WISPs) can scale their businesses without limits- and interference!

    History of RF elements

    RF elements were founded in 2010 in Slovakia by Juraj Taptic and Martin Marcincak, to become the most innovative wireless vendor. In 2014, RF elements introduced the Horn Antennas to the WISP industry along with their TwistPort connectors – the near-zero loss waveguide connector that allows for intuitive and quick radio connections. Since then, RF elements has been helping WISPs around the world improve their wireless networks one horn at a time.  Today, their technology has changed the way service providers build their wireless networks and has enabled them to save spectrum, reject noise and grow smart.

    Advantages of using RF elements in South Africa

    The Horn Antennas deal with the problem of noise at its root - unlike traditional sector antennas, RF elements antennas do not receive nor transmit the noise in the first place. This result in a low noise floor, high signal to noise ratio, high MCS rates, and high throughput. RF elements technology revolutionises the way service providers build their wireless networks - this technology allows them to focus on the growth of their business instead of constant customer complaints. The Horn antennas provide excellent stability and reliability of wireless links. There is no need to change the radio technology, a massive increase of network throughput is possible with RF elements antennas alone. 

    MiRO’s partnership with RF elements

    MiRO has been supplying its customers with the product range from RF elements in South Africa and neighbouring countries for the last eight years and has played a pivotal role in the expansion of RF elements in Southern Africa. MiRO is committed to managing a reliable and steady supply chain of RF elements products in South Africa and neighbouring countries and is fully equipped to support the brand in the local market. Not only can you purchase your RF elements range of products from MiRO, but MiRO can also assist you with pre-sales support, training, or after-sales support. 

    MiRO stocks all RF elements products in multiple locations, to ensure that you always have access to the best product for your unique application. The MiRO ranges of RF elements solutions include:


    TwistPort Adaptors

    TwistPort Connectors

    Wireless Broadband

    Carrier Class Antennas

    Integration Platforms


    Explore MiRO’s range of unique noise rejecting Horn antennas, UltraDish TP parabolic dish antennas, and TwistPort Adaptors for 3rd party radios and buy these best-of-breed RF elements solutions online!

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