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Luminous - ICON 1600 Inverter, 1400VA, 12V

Luminous - ICON 1600 Inverter, 1400VA, 12V

The Luminous ICON 1600VA, 1V inverter offers a max load of 1176W and a charging current of 21A. When purchasing this unit, a 1 x 12V Inverlast Tall Tubular battery, either 150Ah, 200Ah or 220Ah is required for operation. This is a DIY unit as it has a standard connection for AC in and AC out. 

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Retail Price R5,139.35 (Incl. VAT)
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Key Features
Pure Sinewave, Non-Solar, Grid-tied,Requires 1x 12V Battery

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MiRO distributes the best inverters and Battery Energy Storage Solutions from Luminous in South Africa


Who is Luminous and what are their products used for?

Luminous is an inverter and battery energy storage solution manufacturer headquartered in India and through a strategic partnership with Hudaco Energy and affiliate companies such as MiRO, is bringing cost-effective renewable energy solutions to the South African Market. 


What is their Mission?

Luminous’ mission statement and philosophy have always been ‘Customer Delight’ through innovation, devotion, novelty, passion, and developing constantly to improve comfort, efficiency, and productivity.  To ensure the best solution for the consumers, Luminous has inculcated a culture of innovation and development. 


The advantages of Luminous

Luminous inverters are pure sinewave inverters with built-in isolation transformers to ensure that the Voltage going to connected devices are reduced is if there is a spike, especially after load shedding.  Luminous Inverters offer two modes of operation, namely Eco Mode and UPS mode.  Eco mode allows the current to go directly to the connected devices and charge the battery bank, and only when the AC input voltage from the grid fails, will the inverter switch to battery back-up.  Eco mode provides a 2 – 5% reduction in electricity consumption when compared to operating in UPS Mode.  UPS mod means that the current goes through the inverter and then to the connected devices ensuring that the battery bank is constantly charged and only when the AC input voltage falls, will the UPS revert to battery backup.  In UPS mode the switch between AC to DC is measured in milliseconds making it ideal for connecting sensitive networking equipment. 

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