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Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor


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Turning Your House into a Smart Home with Aqara

Who is Aqara and what are their products used for?

Aqara is a leading global smart-home and IoT solutions provider offering a wide range of customisable smart products ranging from a variety of sensors to switches, curtain controllers, and locks. Their innovative smart home solutions help streamline your daily life and safeguard your home. Aqara believes everyone deserves a smart home solution that is accessible, beautifully designed, and easy to set up. They are currently one of the largest smart home providers in China. Since their debut in 2009, Aqara has so far opened hundreds of service provider stores in China to provide personalised smart home solutions for users. They currently serve over 2 million Aqara users world-wide and aspire to bring smart home technology to more households around the world.  MiRO offers a wide range of products from Aqara in South Africa for sale online and in store. 

History of Aqara

Upon its emergence in 2009, Aqara cemented itself as one of the largest smart home technology providers in China with over hundreds of service provider stores and later reaching a global distribution network across the US, EU, Russia and South-East Asia by 2019. Aqara’s mission to offer every household smart-home capabilities continues with now having over 200 R&D team members working tirelessly to offer over 2 million users world-wide innovative, high-quality and cost-effective products.

Advantages of using Aqara in South Africa

South African Aqara users can rest well knowing that Aqara’s technologies monitor their home during their absence. Aqara’s advanced sensory products offer users trusted security features that can detect unauthorised entry or abnormal movement inside the house and notify the owner with high-quality live feed of the event. These smart home products allow users to enjoy ultramodern benefits ranging from real-time home temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure monitoring updates directly to their smartphones, to energy saving smart auto-switchable lights, voice responsive and customisable home scenes. Almost all the products include easy configuration, installation and energy efficiency with battery life of over 2 years.

MiRO’s partnership with Aqara

In order to continue empowering communities, MiRO’s partnership with Aqara plays a pivotal role in ensuring that clients receive reliable, eco-friendly and cost-effective smart home solutions to improve and simply their daily lives.

MiRO’s ability to provide end-to-end networking solutions allows us to develop and maintain solid relationships and in-depth understanding of every customer’s needs, which is what MiRO prides itself in – delivering world-class technologies and building close and trusted relationships with both its clients and key partners through their highly skilled personnel and high-quality products. Clients receive expert advice, training, pre-sales and after-sales technical support to ensure that they receive the best solutions for their specific needs at the right price. 

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