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Milesight Industrial Temperature Sensor - T500 (-50°C to +800°C)

Milesight Industrial Temperature Sensor - T500 (-50°C to +800°C)

1 Year

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Key Features
1x 19000 mAh Li-SOCL2 Battery, NFC Enabled, Transceiver:IP67, Sensor: IP30

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    Who is Milesight, and what are their products used for?

     Milesight is a fast-growing AIoT solutions provider dedicated to offering cutting-edge technologies to its worldwide network of distributors and resellers. With critically-acclaimed video surveillance products at its core, Milesight has extended its comprehensive design and manufacturing prowess into the world of IoT and communication industries to contribute innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence. The Milesight IoT portfolio comprises various IoT devices, ranging from LoRaWAN gateways to contact, spot leakage, and temperature sensors.

    History of Milesight

    Founded in 2001, Milesight has swiftly grown to become one of the most globally renowned agricultural IoT and business communications solutions manufacturers. Their extensive experience in the IoT industry has led them to develop and extend the power of AI deep learning and IoT technologies to contribute towards the development of the fourth industrial revolution. Through supplying various surveillance channels across the global security market, Milesight has managed to provide over 100 countries and regions with a wide range of complete end-to-end solutions designed to fit diverse environments from retail to government, industrial, education, city, and so much more. They also form a global presence with worldwide offices in the USA, Korea, Taiwan, and China to allow quick and efficient access to international markets.

    MiRO’s Partnership with Milesight

    With MiRO’s acute focus and support for IoT development within the South African ICT landscape, Milesight believes that the compatibility between the two companies creates sufficient synergies to make a significant impact in the local market. Through MiRO, Milesight can demonstrate its commitment to digital transformation for the nascent IoT industry. Together these two renowned solution providers can deliver end-to-end AIoT solutions across Africa.

    MiRO, with all of its experience managing a steady supply of cutting-edge products in Southern Africa, is fully equipped to support the Milesight brand in the local market. MiRO not only supplies the best of Milesight, but it also adds extra value to these services by assisting with pre-sales support, online and in-person training, and after-sales support. 

    Advantages of using Milesight in South Africa

    Following global trends, more households and enterprises are beginning to adopt intelligent technologies to enhance how they live, connect, and distribute labour. Serving over 100 countries globally, Milesight, in partnership with MiRO, can offer the best-in-class AIoT range of products for industries ranging from Agriculture, Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart Retail, Transportation, Medical, Automation and many more.

    Through the use of Long Range IoT Protocol LoRaWAN, Milesight products can save you time, costs and efforts by simplifying the arduous tasks that would typically require tremendous resources, time and severe manual labour. South Africa’s agricultural market benefits by using Milesight’s extensive range of IoT products. Farmers can increase their yields, save costs on irrigation and plan more accurate harvests

    For the Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP)s, Milesight offers these businesses an opportunity to diversify their product offerings by providing additional services to existing customers on top of their Internet connection. Milesight’s ease-of-use and seamless deployment make adding the range a breeze.

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