Grow your business with MiRO by your side

As a MiRO business partner the choice is all yours. You can choose to:

  1. Generate your own quotations, get inventory info, and place your orders totally online.
  2. Get in contact with our expert sales engineers who will assist you in designing your IP convergence solutions with the right products.

Being a MiRO business partner means you gain access to great benefits and services.

  • Gain access to discounted pricing that will allow you to resell our products or use it to build your network.
  • Maximise your business cashflow with a 30-day MiRO account.
  • Live access to your MIRO credit status.
  • Update your business information online, no need to pick up the phone or send e-mails.
  • Gain instant online access to our FREE co-branded marketing collateral to take your business to new heights.
  • Get FREE solution design assistance from our team of sales engineers.
  • We can help you save time by pre-configuring your products on request.
  • Generate your own quotes online.
  • Gain access to live stock availability at all our branches.
  • We can arrange product delivery directly to your customer with no paper work.
  • Our platform allows you to save multiple shipping addresses for delivery to all your branches.
  • We take care of continent wide deliveries, so that you can focus on your business.
  • Get e-mail notifications when we receive stock of your favourite items.
  • Real-time order tracking enables you to accurately plan your inventory and installations.
  • Collect at any one of our branches and connect with our in-store experts.
  • Get instant after sales support  online or in-store.
  • Real-time access to your business order history.
  • Click on any historic order and repurchase easily.

Sign up or reach out to one of our sales engineers today.

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