Point-to-Point Licensed-band Wireless Solutions

High capacity backhaul links | High capacity last-mile enterprise connectivity

The challenges?

  • Congested frequency negatively impacting wireless network performance
  • Fibre is very costly and takes too long to roll out
  • High capacity applications like video streaming requires more bandwidth
  • Delivery of Service Level Agreement (SLA) over wireless connectivity

NEC iPasolink iX Advanced

  • Licensed band allows for guaranteed network uptime and stability
  • Deploy in a fraction of the time compared to fibre
  • Carrier grade uptime without fixed lines that can be broken or damaged
  • Flexibility without sub-band limitation
  • NEC license-band delivers up to 1.36 Gbps – Full duplex

NEC iPasolink Dish Antenna

Sub-Band free outdoor radio unit

Dual-Modem Unit

Sub-band free | 1.36Gbps | 1+0, 1+1, 2+0 configuration | 4096QAM | >90 years MTBF

We keep stock on: Lower 8 GHz - 11 GHz - 18 GHz - 23 GHz

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