Power Solutions

Solar Panels

We sell a range of solar panels ranging from 80 – 300 watts with output voltages from 12 – 24 volts. Our range of solar panels can be used in any combination to give you the required amount of electricity to power your equipment.


We supply a variety of battery options to efficiently store electricity to power your gear. The differences between the following batteries will determine the best fit for your power solution:


This cost-effective battery has been the most efficient power solution. Featuring low resistance electrolytes, making it ideal for high discharge use followed by slow-charging.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM):

This battery is known for being one of the safest due to its fine fiberglass mat that suspends the electrolytes in order to make the battery spill proof. Due to its positive plate configuration (tubular), these high-cycling batteries have a low self-discharge and perform best in high power applications. They also have the best vibration/shock resistance of all battery types and are highly reliable for many applications forming part of a solar or standby solution.


The gel battery excels in regular deep discharge applications with low power requirements. The gelled electrolyte means gel batteries can be mounted in virtually any orientation (except upside down) without a danger of spillage. This type of battery is best suited for warmer conditions and has an extended lifetime when used correctly.


Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

This is the most cost-effective type of regulator for use in a basic solar solution setup. When using PWM regulators it is important to ensure that the input voltage from the solar panels matches the battery bank voltage and the output voltage required to power the equipment.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

MPPT charge controllers allow for more flexibility between input and output voltages and are designed to be used as part of a more sophisticated solar solution setup.


DC to DC

We offer a wide variety of DC-DC converters that are able to meet your specific step-up and step-down requirements. The DC-DC solution is perfect for converting solar energy into usable electricity to the demand of your equipment; our range of converters range from 15 W to 300 W.


True Sine Wave DC-AC Inverter - This cost-effective inverter is ideal for providing clean AC power to small remote sites where a traditional power source is not available.


A UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) can provide instant backup power in a critical moment when power problems strike your equipment. Our UPS range will increase the lifetime of your sensitive electronic equipment and ensure zero downtime.

Line interactive | Pure Sine Wave | True Online

Monitoring and Optimisation

Minimise maintenance and downtime by monitoring your power equipment pro-actively. Our monitoring and optimisation products give you the ability to supervise and control your equipment remotely via your PC or smartphone.

Voltage Monitor | Network Power Monitor | GSM Relay | Battery Balancer

Surge Protection

South Africa is high on the power surge scale, prone to lightning and constant power cuts. This makes it vital to have a surge protection solution in place; the high frequency of power surge fluctuations have the potential to damage your electrical equipment. MiRO has a full range of products that can assist you in preventing damage to your valuable electrical appliances and devices!

Lightning and surge arrestors | PoE surge protected PoE injectors | Surge protected

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