Attention growing WISPs: How to build a scalable, high capacity, last-mile WISP network without the high upfront price tag
Attention growing WISPs: How to build a scalable, high capacity, last-mile WISP network without the high upfront price tag

Selecting the right technology for your high capacity last-mile WISP network can be a difficult task, with huge upfront costs – especially if you want to future proof your network.

This article explains the easiest, most cost-effective way of building a last-mile wireless network that will last well into the digital future.

Cambium Networks has developed a suite of 5GHz point-to-multipoint products called PMP450. To support growing WISPs wishing to offer high bandwidth packages to all their customers, the PMP450 solution includes two different base stations, the 450i LITE and the 450m, both using the same subscriber modules to connect your customer. Cambium’s 450i LITE is a cost-effective base station for delivering high bandwidth internet packages to up to 20 subscribers (software upgradeable to 128). The 450m is their top of the range ultra-capacity massive MU-MIMO base station that can serve up to 256 customers with high bandwidth internet.

How do we do this?

  1. To build the network in an easily scalable way, WISPs can start with the Cambium PMP450i LITE as their 90-degree base station in new areas with low customer density. All customers in the new area will be connected to the base station with the Cambium 450b subscriber module (available in mid and high gain).
  2. As the subscriber density increases and the network reaches a critical mass, the WISP can swop the 450i LITE bases stations out with PTP450m base stations for increased capacity and customer serviceability.
  3. To further expand the wireless networks, the WISP can move the used PTP450i LITE base stations to the edges of the network and start serving new customers without having to buy new equipment. This method will allow WISPs to grow low-density towers into high-density towers and expand their network coverage without additional capital outlay or the need to change subscriber modules.
  4. Many happy customers and a healthy bank balance. What more could a WISP want?

For technical specifications on Cambium’s PTP450 technology, see:

PTP450I LITE base station

PTP450m base station

450b Mid gain subscriber unit

450g High gain subscriber unit

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