Taking wireless connectivity to the next level- The IgniteNet way!
Taking wireless connectivity to the next level- The IgniteNet way!

As commonly used licensed and unlicensed frequencies becoming over-saturated, it becomes increasingly difficult to deploy high speed, low-latency wireless links. This can easily be addressed by adding IgniteNet’s 60GHz Metrolinq solutions to your network. MetroLinq offers exceptional performance by combining both the benefits of unlicensed band operation with zero interference.

The 60GHz band is ideal for high throughput, especially as the demand for increased bandwidth rapidly grows. Particularly suitable for the education, security and surveillance and hospitality applications, the Metrolinq 60Ghz provides a complete, noise-free environment for point-to-point applications. With 60GHz short-range, point-to-point high capacity links you can enjoy fibre-like speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps.

To ensure the reliability of your network IgniteNet’s MetroLinq includes a built-in 5GHz failover radio. The failover seamlessly changes the frequency to ensure that your network does not suffer total outages due to bad weather conditions and allows you to extend your links without affecting the availability.

There is also a range of IgniteNet accessories available to assist with the installation and configuration of your MetroLinq radios. These accessories include a LinqPath Calculator, alignment scopeLinq Assist Bluetooth Dongle and precision brackets.

If you need a stable and secure link that will take your wireless connectivity to the next level contact our experts today!

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