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SIAE ALFOplus 300Mbps License

SIAE ALFOplus 300Mbps License


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    Increase your wireless network capacity with SIAE Microelettronica’s microwave network solutions, distributed in Southern Africa by MiRO

    Who is SIAE and what are their products used for?

    SIAE MICROELETTRONICA is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative and best performing microwave network solutions. They are well known to the market for their full-outdoor, full IP, next-generation Alfoplus and Alfoplus2 series of carrier-grade microwave outdoor unit (ODU) radios. These radios provide high reliability and uptime with throughput capacities of up to 10Gbps in E-band licenced spectrum, up to 1Gbps capacity in V-band spectrum and 500Mbps for South Africa in the licence free 17Ghz frequency band. 

    History of SIAE

    SIAE MICROELETTRONICA was founded in 1950 and focused solely on manufacturing electro-mechanical testers, analysers for telephone systems and oscilloscopes. In 1978 they introduced their first high-frequency microwave radio and became world-renowned for their historical link that connected the two branches of the Corriere in Milan and Rome. Today, their microwave radios and wireless solutions enable millions of people in over 80 countries to communicate around the world every day.

    Advantages of using SIAE Microelettronica in South Africa

    SIAE Microelettronica in South Africa offers highly reliable full outdoor IP carrier-grade microwave solution combined with MiRO’s ability to precisely plan microwave links for backhaul networking deployments. Using licensed frequency bands, SIAE’s hardware reduces the competition that causes high interference in the shared spectrum. With the variety of frequency ranges that SIAE ODUs are available in, customers have the advantage of selecting hardware that will perform at high uptimes based on the environmental parameters that are unique to their region. By considering line of sight, link obstructions and regional rainfall levels, MiRO will assist you in selecting the correct frequency and antenna size during the pre-planning stage of the link. Network performance and link stability can be fine-tuned against degradation by use of adaptive code modulation, high bandwidth availability with dedicated channel separation and automatic transmit power control. 

    MiRO’s partnership with SIAE in Southern Africa

    MiRO has partnered with SIAE Microelettronica to provide their customers with reliable microwave technology, readily available and certified for local use in Southern Africa. Selected SIAE carrier-grade technologies are MEF 2.0 compliant so that you can always be sure that SIAE microwave equipment will integrate seamlessly into your carrier ethernet network. With SIAE products from MiRO, you have the choice between selecting an ISM license-exempt solution or a fully licensed solution. The former is available on 17GHz and allows for up to 500 Mbps of uncompressed Carrier-Grade reliable throughput, whilst the latter is available from 7- to 80Ghz in single- or dual polarised options, depending on your needs. MiRO offers value-added services such as link planning, technical support and hands-on training in addition to the availability of SIAE ODUs and components that are available for purchase from our branches located in Nelspruit, Durban, Cape Town, Gauteng and online. With SIAE’s Carrier-Grade solutions and MiRO’s service, downtime and intermittent bandwidth will be a thing of the past. SIAE’s range features full outdoor IP radios that offer guaranteed throughput and high uptime availability. Their field-proven robust solutions will ensure that you have an interference-free link you can rely on.

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