IgniteNet Indoor Gigabit Ethernet to Coax Bridge

IgniteNet Indoor Gigabit Ethernet to Coax Bridge

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Cloud-Managed, Integrated 2.4Ghz Access Point

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Ignitenet’s 60GHz 5G fixed wireless broadband solutions are readily available from MiRO, the award-winning IP convergence distributor in Southern Africa. 

Who is IgniteNet and what are their products used for?

IgniteNet is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of 60GHz millimeter wave point-to-point and point-to-multi-point solutions. IgniteNet’s 60GHz solutions are developed for use by service providers and enterprise networks that require high-capacity and low latency, such as fixed wireless access, 3G/4G backhaul, metro Wi-Fi, campus interconnection and hybrid fibre/wireless network connectivity. These solutions have the added advantage of being spectrum license-free, allowing ultra-fast deployment without the hassle of a spectrum license. 

IgniteNet manufacturers radios that can deliver speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps; perfect for applications with high throughput requirements such as cloud connectivity for businesses, video streaming for surveillance or short backhaul hops for ISPs and WISPs. In the 60 GHz range, the beam width is narrow, allowing for a higher level of security and less interference. The narrow beamwidth also allows you to reach distances of up to 1.5km line of sight. 

History of IgniteNet

IgniteNet, founded in 2013, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Accton group with headquarters in Irvine, CA and offices in Europe and Asia. IgniteNet has a proven track record of producing powerful, reliable, easy to deploy, and innovative cloud-managed wireless solutions and the industry’s lowest-cost 60 GHz wireless technology through channel partners worldwide catering to the needs of enterprises and service providers. In 2020, IgniteNet officially announced that they are partnering up with Edgecore Networks to provide a wider variety of solutions that can integrate with each other. The ECCloud is the new online management platform that can be to monitor and manage all your IgniteNet Metrolinqs in the field. 

Advantages of using IgniteNet 60 Ghz

  • 60 GHz PTP is a license-free spectrum, therefore making deployment quick and easy.
  • 60 GHz provides a complete noise-free environment for point-to-point applications.
  • Highly secure and great for frequency re-use.
  • High-gain and small form factor making it the ideal solutions for tight spaces.
  • Integrated 5 GHz failover to keep the link strong and running at all times, even in tough weather conditions.
  • The cloud-based controller called ECcloud that can be used to seamlessly monitor all your links from anywhere. You can manage up to 50 devices for free on this new platform.
  • Free link calculator to compile a high-quality link draw up.
  • IgniteNet offers an array of free online tools to simplify your setup as well as an add on accessories to help you configure your link. These accessories include alignment scopes, robust brackets that can withstand very harsh conditions and winds, Bluetooth modules that pair with your phone which further assists with the alignment all through your App. 

MiRO’s partnership with IgniteNet in Southern Africa

The partnership between MiRO and IgniteNet in South Africa started in 2016 and currently MiRO is the sole distributor for IgniteNet 60 GHz PTP equipment in the South African region and export to neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Lesotho, and Swaziland. MiRO’s IgniteNet portfolio consists of the PTP 60 GHz radios (ML1 and ML2.5) as well as the Metrolinq brackets required to install these radios (IGN-ICC-BRACKET-LC and IGN-ICC-BRACKET-LR). The Metrolinq LC bracket is a cost-effective yet robust bracket, thus making it great for large deployments. The long-range bracket is the enterprise Metrolinq bracket, which is designed to give you perfect accuracy and stability for longer distances. 

Lastly, MiRO also sells all the necessary accessories required for a quick and easy installation.  

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