8 Exciting new features on UniFi Protect 4
8 Exciting new features on UniFi Protect 4

Ubiquiti’s UniFi Protect 4 brings a suite of features that redefine security and convenience. Let’s have a look at what UniFi Protect 4 has to offer.

1. Enhanced Performance and Capacity


The new UniFi Protect 4 boasts a 20% increase in camera capacity, allowing for more extensive surveillance coverage without compromising on performance. This upgrade is pivotal for larger installations where scalability is key.

2. Redesigned Dashboard


A sleek and intuitive, redesigned dashboard provides you with a comprehensive view of your surveillance landscape. The user interface is all about efficiency, providing quick access to critical data and controls.

3. Revamped Archiving and Recording Management


With the revamped archiving, managing your recordings have never been easier. The system now supports batch downloads, making it easy to retrieve footage. The recording manager is a new addition that simplifies the organization and storage of video data. OneDrive is now supported for cloud back up in addition to Google Drive.

4. Innerspace Camera Mapping

UniFi Protect now seamlessly integrates with Innerspace for powerful deployment visualisation. Simply place cameras on your floorplan to view coverage.

5. Smart Detection and Notifications


The smart detection capabilities have been significantly enhanced, with the ability to identify vehicles and humans up to 19 meters away. This feature is complemented by location-based notifications, ensuring that you’re alerted to what matters most, wherever you are.

6. License Plate Recognition

License Plates can now be found in the Recognition section of Protect, with support for labelling and tagging as a Vehicle of Interest for instant notification upon future recognition.

7. PTZ Patrol Mode


For areas requiring dynamic monitoring, the PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Patrol mode is a standout feature. It allows cameras to follow predefined paths, offering vigilant surveillance without the need for constant manual adjustment.

8. Two-Way Audio

The two-way camera audio feature opens up new avenues for remote communication, be it for warnings or general announcements. UniFi Protect 4 is not just watching, it’s communicating.


UniFi Protect 4 is not just an update, it’s an upgrade to your security ecosystem. With its array of new features, it stands as a robust and intelligent solution that doesn’t just capture moments, it captures the essence of modern surveillance.


Ubiquiti’s UniFi Protect 4 is a leap forward in surveillance technology, offering a blend of performance, intelligence, and user-centric design. Whether you’re looking to secure a small office or a sprawling campus, UniFi Protect 4 is equipped to meet these challenges.

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