Give your network the boost it needs with RADWIN's new JET DUO
Give your network the boost it needs with RADWIN's new JET DUO

Are you struggling to expand sector capacity to keep up with customer demands? Or paying high tower rental fees for too many base stations? Aspiring to assure service providers with greater sector capacity for a lower total cost of ownership, RADWIN introduces their new, ground-breaking JET DUO 5 GHz dual-carrier beamforming base station.

By providing dual carriers in a single compact unit, the JET DUO reduces tower space, rental expenses, installation costs and dramatically cuts sector capacity costs. The JET DUO encapsulates dual 5GHz radio carriers into a single unit to deliver 1.5Gbps over a 90˚ sector. Each carrier uses a separate beamforming antenna that operates on the same or different 5GHz sub-band.

Using a 2nd generation beamforming antenna, the JET DUO achieves approximately 25% more capacity in congested spectrum than JET. Rather than using a single, yet noisy, wide channel, this radio enables the use of two narrow channels for minimal radio interference. This assures link reliability and stable capacity.

RADWIN's JET DUO also overcomes issues of downlink radio interference by securely changing-out the affected subscriber unit between the 2 carriers. JET DUO provides a built-in GPS receiver for TDD synchronization and connects to the WAN over fibre or Giga Ethernet interface. The DUO is operable with all RADWIN Subscriber Units.

So, if you’re looking to seamlessly grow network capacity while cutting costs, RADWIN JET DUO 5GHz is the right solution for you!

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