How to stay connected during loadshedding with this new UPS
How to stay connected during loadshedding with this new UPS

A stable electricity supply is one of the core ingredients to support remote working, however, power outages can result in a loss of productivity levels. There are different ways of trying to address this, but none quite as simple and cost-effective as the Acconet Power over Ethernet (PoE) Smart-UPS. This UPS supports cellphones, laptops, cameras, wireless bridges, routers, access points and so much more. Although small, this UPS packs a punch and will easily outlast the standard 2-3-hour loadshedding periods in a single day, providing uninterrupted power to your wireless CPE, router, or Wi-Fi access point. Allowing you to stay connected and stay productive. 

This mini-UPS from Acconet features a POE out with the option of either 24V or 48V that can power most CPE's, IP cameras and IP phones. To ensure that you stay connected the UPS also has a 12VDC output port that can be used to power your wireless routers or any hardware that requires 12VDC. 

Its USB port is perfect for cell phone charging and its tiny footprint means it will never get in the way. Designed with safety in mind, this UPS has built-in over-charge, over-current and short-circuit protection.

This UPS is the perfect solution for implementing renewable energy on a budget! Buy yours online today.

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