ICASA—keeping E-band affordable and interference-free
ICASA—keeping E-band affordable and interference-free

ICASA has made some fee changes to the still very affordable PtP spectrum (E-Band). The new minimum monthly licence fee is now R154 – a nominal increase of 4.1%.  

The E-band radio frequency (RF) represents the frequency range from 70 GHz to 80 GHz. Signals in this frequency range have very short wavelengths with highly directional properties. This band is widely used for RF backhaul links. E-band is typically not used for long-range signal transmission but is the ideal solution for high-capacity, narrow beamwidth PtP links.

ICASA splits E-band into two blocks. Block A consists of 2.5GHz channel widths in the light-licensed spectrum (73.5GHz-75.75GHz and 83.5GHz-85.75GHz) and Block B is 2GHz channels within the licensed spectrum (71.25GHz-73GHz and 81.25GHz-83GHz). 

All holders of ECNS licenses can apply for either Block A (light-licensed) or Block B (licensed) channels. Applications for links in the licensed portion – Block B, are applied for using the standard application procedure and applications. For links in the light-licensed portion – Block A – registrations are done on a first-come-first-served basis using a self-registration process.

If you want to self-register a link in Block A, you will need to notify ICASA of the geographic location and technical details of the radio link or links, within 30 days of the deployment of the installation – and you must perform the necessary technical assessments against ICASA’s database of already registered links. Take note that all equipment must be Type Approved when applying in order to make sure the radios will be safe to operate and not cause any unnecessary harmful interference. However, as a distributor of E-band equipment, MiRO has already taken care of that for you.

Completed registration forms must be e-mailed to ebandregistrations@icasa.org.za and registered links must be paid for when ICASA sends an invoice.

If you are applying for licensed links in Block B, your equipment must be type-approved, and you will need to complete and apply form per the standard application procedure. Payment of a non-refundable spectrum application fee of R830.00 must also be made.

The license will be issued where applicable and if approved, at which time payment of the annual licence fee must be made. Once payment has been received, the operation will then commence.

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For more detail about fee structures, for your convenience click on this link: https://www.ellipsis.co.za/radio-frequency-spectrum-fees/ 

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