It has never been this easy to go further with mmWave radios or upgrade your existing 5GHz Backhauls!
It has never been this easy to go further with mmWave radios or upgrade your existing 5GHz Backhauls!

The demand for cost-effective, high capacity connectivity is constantly on the rise. Both service providers and enterprises are looking for affordable, reliable solutions that are quick and easy to deploy. With Siklu’s ExtendMM feature, ISPs can now establish mmWave links without compromising on their uptime and in turn reach greater distances!

Siklu's ExtendMM feature consists of Dual-Band antennas, software for monitoring and provisioning, a built-in switch in the EtherHaul™ radios, and purpose-built accessories. This combination of hardware and software easily and seamlessly combines a high-capacity EtherHaul™ link with an inexpensive, unlicensed, low capacity and lower frequency link.

Siklu’s cost-effective carrier-grade Etherhaul-series of radios (SK-EH1200FX-1000-DBSK-EH2500FX-2000-DB or SK-EH8010FX-2K-2FT-DB) include a parabolic dish antenna as well as a secondary 5.xGHz feed. You simply need to pair your Siklu Etherhaul radio with any 5.xGHz radio, like our Ubiquiti airFibre 5xHD, Cambium PTP550, Mimosa B5c, or any other 5GHz radio that you might already own and want to repurpose. This combination will ensure a 100% uptime and 1,2 or 10Gbps 99% of the time, over a distance of up to 20km, depending on the Siklu Etherhaul radio you choose.

This is the ideal combination for when you are worried about pushing your EtherHaul link too far (making it vulnerable to heavy weather conditions) or simply want to increase your capacity. The 5.xGHz radio will be available as a fail-over link combined with the interference-free Etherhaul link. The backup link is in stand-by mode, ready to be activated for the rare occasions during the year when the mmWave E-Band radio might fail due to heavy weather conditions.

This solution will not only save you money on licensing fees but will also cut down on your tower rental costs, as you will only have to install one dish instead of 2.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can use Siklu solutions to reach greater distances without compromising on your uptime!

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