Making life easier for ISPs, installers, and resellers
Making life easier for ISPs, installers, and resellers

Empowering you to connect communities – this is the slogan that MiRO builds its business-to-business trust upon, and since the latest iteration of launched in 2020, a lot of development hours have been spent to bring a consumer-like online shopping experience to MiRO business customers in Southern Africa. helps MiRO business partners deliver exceptional customer service to their end-user customers. 

One of the latest added features is the option for business customers to have goods delivered directly to their customers, this could be described as a business-to-business-to-consumer engagement (B2B2C), where a MiRO business partner can leverage the MiRO ecosystem to have products delivered to their end-user in a very efficient and cost-effective manner. The system and back-end business processes were designed in such a way that the MiRO business partner can opt to get a product delivered to their end-user customer, without any paperwork on delivery, keeping the origin of the products out of the equation and leaving the end customer relationship management, after-sales service and interaction for the MiRO business partner. is a great tool that empowers MiRO business partners to deliver more to their end-customers, without having to worry about time and resources.

Another recent addition to is the option to have selected products pre-configured by a MiRO technical expert, and by the time you receive your prosumer product, it has turned into a plug-and-play experience, saving you time and effort. The pre-configuration service is aimed at making transactions frictionless between MiRO customers and their consumer customers. With an ISP can now purchase a MiRO wireless or fibre product online, get their default network configuration setting installed on the device by a MiRO tech expert, and then get it delivered directly to the ISP’s residential or business customer. The MiRO product pre-configuration service can also be used by both resellers and installers, where the configured products get delivered where it’s needed in advance of the actual installation date, making the installation process quicker and leaving the MiRO reseller and installer delighted with a great customer experience. features 100% free digital marketing collateral for ISP, resellers, and installer partners.

Last, but certainly not least, features a digital marketing collateral section where MiRO business partners can download and reuse relevant digital marketing material for free. If your business can do with some additional marketing material to give your brand and online visibility a boost, go explore the Marketing Collateral section under the Accounts icon in the main menu bar. Expect frequent new uploads to keep your business’ digital marketing fresh and impressive.

These are just some of the new services that MiRO business partners can benefit from when purchasing on Visit to explore the site, read our vast collection of industry-specific blog posts, get real-time product price and availability info, and find the solution your business needs to grow and thrive. 

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