Manage your client’s Wi-Fi network remotely, no matter the deployment size!
Manage your client’s Wi-Fi network remotely, no matter the deployment size!

Driving long distances between client sites to troubleshoot Wi-Fi access points (APs) can be time consuming and very expensive. Resources such as technician rates, petrol costs and time on site can be detrimental to your business , especially if one has sites across provinces and even countries.


Enter Grandstream Networks’ enterprise-grade, cloud-based Wi-Fi management platform, GWN.Cloud, for the Grandstreams GWN series of WiFi access points. Thanks to streamlined monitoring, maintenance, remote troubleshooting and configuration, managing your network across multiple locations has never been easier.


This free, completely scalable AP cloud controller comes with a captive portal for voucher or social media authentication. There are no limits on the number of sites or APs and you can access your network from anywhere via the web or mobile app where you can access real-time reports and AP status.


GWN.Cloud is 100% free, there is no limit to the amount of APs you can manage through it, no additional hardware costs for controllers, no device licenses, no annual support fees and lifetime firmware updates are free. Simply sign up for a free account on to on-board, configure and monitor any size Wi-Fi installation.


For those who prefer a physical on-site controller, Grandstream offers the GWN Manager, an on-premise, enterprise-grade, management platform.  Download this software tool for free and install on your own server instead of using Grandstream’s hosted platform.


Grandstream’s powerful range of high performance GWN Wi-Fi Access points are available in both indoor (GWN7605, GWN7615, GWN7630) and outdoor (GWN7630LR, GS-GWN7600LR) Models. For peace of mind, the GWN AP’s come standard with a two year warranty. Details of the range can be viewed here.


A MiRO technical specialist is just a phone call away to answer your Grandstream AP questions or browse our website for more information:

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