Move your business communication system over to VoIP
Move your business communication system over to VoIP

Many companies have recognised the value of modern technology that enables employees to work from home. This technology has enabled businesses to implement a centralised communication system to retain employee productivity and efficiency of employees working from home.

It is as simple as connecting your work from home employees to the company communication system with a VoIP phone, such as the Snom D712. The D712 can be preconfigured and connected to a Wi-Fi router, it also features OpenVPN technology, allowing you to connect your work-from-home employees to your secure VPN server at the office, without having to invest in any additional client VPN hardware or software. 

Extension numbers can also be retained so that disruptions are not just reduced but completely avoided. All the usual features are still at the employees' fingertips, these features include call forwarding, mailbox, redirection to mobile phones, auto-attendants, integration with the CRM database, voice messages and free phone calls with users of the same network.

Having a scalable and robust solution like this, with work-from-home employees able to use all the functions of the central communication platform also means more effective engagement with employees and better collaboration between colleagues.

Underlining the value of the Snom VoIP solution is that it simplifies your entire business communication infrastructure and reduces costs for both the business and remote employees. 

For those employees who spend most of their day on the phone, simply add headsets into the mix. The Snom A100D, a wideband binaural headset and the A100M wideband monaural headset are both perfect for use in multiple scenarios. Both are designed for maximum comfort and performance. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, they can be worn comfortably all day and the wideband technology ensures HD sound and crystal-clear communication. 

Working from home can be tricky in noisy environments where there are children and pets and the two speakers in the A100D ensure perfect isolation and the flexible boom and passive noise-cancelling microphone guarantee clear voice transmission. 

Snom makes the future of work from home possible while helping you to protect and secure your telecommunications investment.  View our range on Snom solutions online and build your quote in seconds or contact our team for expert advice.

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