Tenda Technologies: The SMART choice for all ISPs
Tenda Technologies: The SMART choice for all ISPs

The global pandemic has shifted the way the world interacts and engages. Overnight, the once unassuming home Internet connection became the bedrock of sustainability for businesses of all sizes surviving through the worldwide shift to working from home. 

This change in behaviour and work from home directly affected ISPs and their customers. Home connections that were previously limited to relatively moderate bandwidth consumption suddenly erupted into an entire family needing quality, stable bandwidth, at all times of the day as an essential covering all corners of the house. From peaking in the evening when the family got together to watch their favourite series, as home offices and homeschooling became the new normal.

The lockdown did more than just close physical premises. It overloaded networks and some providers were left wondering as their collective network usage started to surge and complaints started rolling-in.

ISPs responded immediately and adapted their operations and offerings overnight. On top of this, limited, inexpensive routers had no place in the home and became replaced with sophisticated, well-designed, high-performance home routers that can cope with the increase in demand such as the Tenda AC8.

Tenda’s elegant solutions are top-class performers and their prices are exceptional.  We have been in the extremely fortunate position, thanks to our relationship with Tenda Technologies, of having the right stock, at the right time to empower the working from home culture and keep South Africans connected

Consumers are spoiled for choice with our wide range of Tenda Wi-Fi solutions. We have a solution for every requirement. Our Tenda range includes the Smart Dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi Routers, aimed at handling the increase in bandwidth running into the home but having a decent router does not necessarily cover the entire home, bottom and top floor, internal and external. This is where the Tenda NOVA mesh Wi-Fi range, even with PPPOE authentication, will take high-performing Internet to all corners of your house. These packs come in sets of 3 nodes and additional single nodes can be added on should you need more coverage.

These are just a taste of Tenda’s offerings to suit your size and need requirements. With so many reasons to look at a MiRO-Tenda solution, click here to view our range of Tenda solutions and get them delivered straight to your door!

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