When you think surveillance can’t get any smarter- Think again!
When you think surveillance can’t get any smarter- Think again!

It is easy for those with deep pockets to invest in high-end surveillance systems but not so easy for those with limited funds – until now! Facial recognition is the here and now of surveillance and Uniview has released their top-of-the-range, deep learning and artificially intelligent surveillance technology that is both affordable and effective. 

Uniview’s new facial recognition cameras can help you identify people faster and more accurately, in turn creating a much safer environment, whether it be for at the office or at home. Facial recognition cameras are ideal for an array of applications, ranging from crowded shopping centres, education centres such as campuses and school grounds to residential estates and office blocks.

Uniview’s new surveillance series features the 4MP LightHunter deep learning bullet network camera, the 4MP LightHunter deep learning vandal-resistant dome network camera, the Ultra H.265 16-channel NVR with eight facial recognition channels and two SATA hard drive slots and the Ultra H.265 32-channel NVR with 16 facial recognition channels and two SATA hard drive slots.

Uniview’s LightHunter technology is an innovative technology that delivers vivid colour, brightness, and extremely clear images in ultra-low light. Uniview’s systems also have true wide dynamic range (WDR) to always keep the image clear. This improves the system’s face capturing abilities, to ensure accurate identification. 

Another added benefit of Uniview’s patented facial recognition technology is the ability to black and white list detected faces. This means when a specific person who is blacklisted enters the perimeter area, the camera recognises this and sends through alarms and notifications to the security management centre.

The entire surveillance system is also equipped with all the latest and greatest smart analytics to improve the entire operation. Both LightHunter cameras support cross line, intrusion, enter area, leave area, object left behind and object removed detection, as well as people counting. Both cameras can capture 40 faces at the same time.

Traditional face-capture IP cameras can only detect faces, take snapshots and extract the face images. It cannot do facial recognition. Uniview’s AI NVR works as a database to store facial images and as an intelligent server to compare the captured facial image with the stored ones until a match is found. An HDD in slot one is required for optimum database performance.

Both Uniview NVRs offer facial recognition, face search, snapshot face input and batch face input via a template. They have eight facial recognition channels, two channels for perimeter protection, 16 face libraries, and a total capacity of 50 000 face images. They also support 2 000 000 face records. If you have an existing NVR 304/308 E-B series, just add a smart dongle to convert eight channels into facial recognition channels.

These top-class surveillance solutions are now available online and in-store! Upgrade your surveillance system today with our range of Uniview solutions. 

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