Why Wi-Fi is the perfect addition to your VoIP network
Why Wi-Fi is the perfect addition to your VoIP network

The new frontier of the workforce is forcing businesses to adapt to solutions that enable staff to seamlessly switch between remote and office work. 

Installing new IP phones are now as simple as connecting a phone to a Wi-Fi network. Quality of service standards and specific protocols can be configured within an AP to help prioritise VoIP over other competing Wi-Fi traffic. One notable reason to include Wi-Fi with a VoIP deployment is because of the joint network infrastructure that both technologies run on. With both networks operating throughout a Local Area Network (LAN), wireless APs can easily be accounted for when designing the physical layout of a facility’s Ethernet cords, switches and IP devices.

Solutions such as Grandstream's GWN range provides a wide coverage area for mobility around the office or home. For example, using the GS-WP810 Wi-Fi phone – which supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi, means speeds of up to 1.27 Gbps when paired with GWN Wi-Fi access points. This combination offers mobility both at home and in the office and provides immense value to the business.

Grandstream’s WP820 is another example of a portable Wi-Fi phone designed to suit a variety of enterprises and vertical market applications, including retail, logistics, medical and security – all of which have changed the way of working due to the pandemic. The WP820 offers a powerful combination of features, mobility and durability to suit all on-the-go telephony needs. 

These Wi-Fi phones can be configured with access to the office-based UCM PBX and connected to Grandstream’s GWN APs located at both the office and home office and managed by the IT department via GWN cloud. This allows phones at home to re-sync to the office UCM via a remote extension.

Grandstream's powerful Wi-Fi access points offer high-performance networking, tremendous Wi-Fi coverage range, fast and easy provisioning, and management thanks to a built-in controller. There is outstanding network throughput and support for many clients per AP.  These APs can be paired with third-party routers as well as existing Wi-Fi networks, making them ideal for both new and existing Wi-Fi deployments.

Improving user productivity, easy installation, configuration, and management using both Wi-Fi and VoIP technologies together and the increase of Wi-Fi voice options makes Wi-Fi a natural addition to any VoIP deployment.

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