Testing Grandstream’s New SFP Modules
Testing Grandstream’s New SFP Modules

We tested Grandstream’s new Single mode and Multimode SFP modules on a MikroTik RB5009 connected to a UniFi and Grandstream switch with surprising results.

Here is what we tested:

  1. Grandstream Single Mode 1Gbps SFP (GS-GWN-SM-1G)
  2. Grandstream Single Mode 10Gbps SFP (GS-GWN-SM-10G)
  3. Grandstream Multimode 1Gbps SFP (GS-GWN-MM-1G)
  4. Grandstream Multimode 10Gbps SFP (GS-GWN-MM-10G)

Note: The GS-GWN-SM-10G, Single Mode 10Gbps did not respond on our MikroTik RB5009 v7 or our CCR1009 v6.

Each of our tests consisted of 100 x ping packets to get the average milliseconds.  The UniFi switches did have a slightly higher ping rate than the Grandstream switches but is considered negligible.

Here are the results of our lab tests:

Apart from the Grandstream Single Mode 10Gbps SFP not supported on our MikroTik, all other SFP modules interoperated with UniFi and Grandstream. We highly recommend that if your uplink SFP module is Grandstream, that the SFP modules on your switches also be Grandstream.  You can mix between the 1G and 10G SFP modules, as based on the test information above it does support auto-negotiation.

Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@miro.co.za or 012 657 0960 or order your Grandstream SFP modules directly online. 

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